Amit is a very good and dedicated mortgage specialist. As a first time home buyer, he informed us of all the requirements and documents that we needed for our mortgage application. We really appreciated all the time that he spent for us to find what we really need. Thank you for everything Amit. We recommend him to everyone for any mortgage or real estate needs.


Amit did an awesome job by finding us a perfect home based on our requirements in a perfect timing. He dedicated his time helping to get us a mortgage as a first time home buyer with full knowledge and patiently answered all our questions. He is totally recommended to deal with.


Amit was absolutely fantastic from start to finish. He is the perfect person for finding you your dream home!! He is literally da’ bomb!!! His wealth of knowledge, kindness, honesty and passion for helping me find my ideal home was apparent all the way through. He adapted and accommodated all of my needs and wishes with ease. He was available for me exactly when I needed it and guided me through the whole process. He is literally a three in one package for all of of your real estate needs. For the areas that require external supports (i.e lawyer, property inspection, etc) he has a network of connections that I would highly recommend. He also problem solved through multiple steps in order to get me my very own home as an independent individual. I cannot thank Amit enough and highly recommend him!!!

Brooke Van Wolde

Amit is a great mortgage broker. I didn’t have any trouble in mortgage dealing and I got best interest rate. I highly recommend Amit to all home buyers especially first time home buyers.


Best mortgage broker in Edmonton!!! Amit was awesome to deal with from start to finish. Incredibly nice person that is willing to hustle for you. I had little to no knowledge when it came to purchasing my new home. He was very knowledgeable and answered every question I had. He actually did most of the work for me. He was so efficient with all the details that we were able to fast track the process and got me into my home within a month. I highly recommend Amit and his business associates. He is a one stop shop for your buying needs. He set me up with a lawyer, home inspectors, and also contractors that can help with future upgrades to the house. I will recommend every single one of them to anybody that requires those services in the future. Thank you Amit. I will continue to deal with you on future home purchases.

Leo Hosseiny

The best! Went above and beyond to make sure that I was taken care of. I would highly recommend him!

Allie Haak